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Ludwik is an unquestionable leader on the market of washing-up liquids. It is also a washing-up liquid, which is the most willingly used by Poles.

It is a modern household cleaning product for those who are active and appreciate quality, efficiency and esthetics.

This is a wide range of products aimed for a complex car-care of each car.

This alkaline preparation is aimed for washing and disinfecting dairy equipment.

This is a non-chlorine preparation for cleaning and disinfecting different kinds of surfaces in the dairy and alimentary industry.



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LUDWIK Raspberry washing up balm

New washing up balm with raspberry scent.

Ludwik is bringing a new quality to Polish households. Not only does it fight the grease effectively but also thanks to its neutral ph, provides care for your hands. Ludwik raspberry-scented washing - up balm contains extract of sweet almonds. Its formula has been enriched with vitamins A, E, F, H complex which cares for and nourishes the skin on your hands. Since Ludwik undergoes biodegradation. It allows consumers to be certain that dishes washed up with Luwik balm will be crystal-clear and shining. 

  • the extract of sweet almonds has moisturizing and soothing properties.

Packaging: 1,5 kg

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LUDWIK Lime and rust remover

Effectively removes lime, rust, stains, deposits with water and soap. Active foam adheres to the surfaces being cleaned effectively removes impurities, leaving it clean, shiny and scratch-free. Ideal for cleaning ceramic surfaces such as sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, toilet bowls and all chrome-plated surfaces, glass, tiles and stainless steel items.

Packaging: 750 ml

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